Greening Implementation:

  • EcoStations: Clear, effective set up for compost & recycling maximization=trash minimization
  • Management of cans: Ordering & providing, placement, hauling, dumpster placement, and pick up
  • Water systems on-site: Filtration units and dispensers toward reuse, away from endless plastic water bottles
  • Green Team Management: Enduring and very experienced crew along with volunteer recruitment and  eductional  hands on training
  • Education: Become educated to what really is recyclable, avoiding that which is not, always moving toward reduce/reuse
  • Shared resources: Whenever possible = cost savings and capacity expansion
  • Connections to local produce & sustainable services providers: Use Organic supplies,shade grown coffee, etc
  • Movement away from plastics whenever possible:  Why? What and How
  • Composting of all organic waste:
  • Food vendor greening: Biodegradable wares conversion & used vendor oil hauled for re-use as veggie oil
  • Tree-free paper, recycled content, bioplastics: Aiming for highest choices
  • Movement away from non-sustainable food-related items and practices
  • Earth Tips signage educates all participants - How to live more lightly on earth during and after your event

Solving one of the greatest mysteries at events - "What goes where?"


EcoStations for Outdoor Events an educational effort to guide wastes to their proper collection bin.  Click to view a complete list of services for your upcoming event.

Green Systems Infrastructure Building:

  • Green consulting for all participants of event production:  sponsors, haulers, on-site production,
  • Food vendors, public relations, participants, and venue operators change systems and behaviors
  • Green webpage, contributions to press releases
  • Green Mary as a San Francisco Bay Area green resource for six years networks you in greenly
  • Education, outreach and support for most practical immediate and long-term options
  • 100% biodegradable food vendor supplies at competitive prices
  • Reusable dishware services in house (service range 200-700) or coordination with rental companies
  • Regular green events newsletter includes upcoming events, keeps all connected and
  • Greening all aspects of events: "waste," transportation, shipping and packaging, green banners and promo items, greenest food/beverages and service supplies, décor, printing, energy production and savings
  • Assistance with Green Business Certifications, awards and rewards


Post event:

  • Track and report diversion numbers: percentage diverted from the landfill
  • What greening accomplished and suggestions for the future
  • Contribute to green reports and press releases
  • Green support and networking between eventsRestaurants, Lodges. Businesses and Organizations