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Green Mary event waste diversion features optional, highly encouraged water filtration systems to provide free, local filtered water to all participants as we phase out single-use plastic water bottles and indeed all plastics from event production, our landfills, our bodies, and our seas. 

 Unsustainable: Over 60 million plastic bottles to the landfill every day in this country, and no whining: "but I recycle..."

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An ethically intolerable solution in the 21st century

By Bernardo Kliksberg (for Safe Democracy)


4,900 children died every day in 2006. 1,800,000 died during that entire year. What killed them? Among several killers, the foremost is a lack of access to clean drinking water.


Filter at home, calculate your savings and donate to bring clean water to the world's neediest.

Action, Not Words: Safe Water & Sanitation for the Developing World -  The National Resources Defense Council


The Global Water Trust is creating a volunteer program called the Global Water Corps. The Global Water Trust is like the Peace Corps for Clean Water Delivery. The Corps will consist of thousands of volunteer hydrologists, engineers, students and committed individuals who will be deployed to Global Water Trust project regions in an effort to:

· Create peace and stability through the construction   of clean water systems
· Save lives by establishing a stable social and political environment· Bring water within physical and economic reach of millions of people




Project Objective

The objective of the Water For Life projects is to provide a safe, reliable and sustainable clean water system for an average of 250,000 people within each project region. The construction of the water system is straightforward. What is challenging is a way to deliver sustainable clean water that rural communities can afford. GWT's goal is to:

· Phase I: Bring clean water to a family of five at an average cost of $1 per month

· Phase II: Expand the water infrastructure to include irrigation in order to create   jobs and a sustainable economic environment

If you are interested in joining the Global Water Corps, email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



Bottled Water
Pure Drink or Pure Hype?


The National Resources Defense Council

This is the online version of NRDC's March 1999 petition to the FDA and attached report on the results of our four-year study of the bottled water industry, including its bacterial and chemical contamination problems. The petition and report find major gaps in bottled water regulation and conclude that bottled water is not necessarily safer than tap water. The online version contains all of the report's text, tables and figures; it does not include the accompanying Technical Report or additional attachments to the petition.