CRAGs – a growing network of carbon conscious citizens. We believe that the impacts of climate change demand a serious programme of greenhouse gas emissions reduction, and we urge governments to adopt a universal and equitable framework to achieve this.

CRAG's are trying to implement this approach at a community level. We do this by forming local groups to support and encourage one another to reduce our carbon footprints. We share knowledge and skills in lower carbon living and seek to promote awareness and practical action in the wider community. CRAGs are an effort that was started in the United Kingdom to give regular people a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their own lives. Small groups get together several times a year to set greenhouse gas reduction goals from direct energy use- things like electricity, gas, and home heating fuels. The groups measure their energy use from bills at the end of every year to see if they have met their goals.

The program is obviously voluntary and helps to "satisfy a desire among the early adopters to make quick progress and, at the same time, develop models that could become accepted by the general public."

Most groups are in the United Kingdom, several have started in the US, including the Columbia Gorge region of Oregon/Washington, and the States of Georgia and Maryland.

The main aims of the scheme are as follows:
1.    to make us all aware of our personal CO2 footprint and how much this costs us in energy bills
2.    to find out if it can help us make cuts in our personal CO2 emissions and in our energy costs
3.    to help us argue for (or against!) the adoption of similar schemes at a national and/or international level (this is a bigger issue in the UK)
4.    to build up solidarity between a growing community of carbon conscious people.
5.    to share practical lower-carbon-living knowledge and experience







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