Green Mary brings a high quality carbon water filtration unit to events in order to provide free water refills for guests, helping to eliminate excess plastic water bottle usage. Employing five-gallon jugs, ceramic and plastic water dispensers, the green team can provide water for upwards of 25,000 people, on over 5 acres, with up to 30 water refill stations. Service includes signage for the masses and savings for your event not buying palletes of water. There is no shipping of bottled tap water around the country, no plastics created or "recycled" for the hydration of your savvy crowd.

While the five gallon jugs are still polycarbonate, we do not store water in them before or after the event, but only use them to hold our newly filtered local water. If anyone hears of a better, practical container that is not plastic, lighter and less fragile than glass, do let us know.


Kids love refilling their own cup of water.