The Rethinking Plastics Campaign (RPC) is a vital part of the Bay Area's Green Sangha as a spiritual community dedicated to environmental action (see below). Members active in their own environmental endeavors and communities joined together to map out courses of action around education, legislation, and motivation, coming from the heart for the health of all and the RPC was created. We considered the myriad environmental realities we could be devoting our energies to and much of the conversation and urge kept coming back to plastics.  This aspect of our lives, economies, history and future, health, creatures, and seas ties into so many others, ranging from assumptions and habits to the ability to think critically and recognize our deepest interconnnections and responsibilities.

It’s time to hear the deeper story about plastic pollution.

Green Sangha’s grassroots activists have been involved in sharing this information with citizens and decision-makers since our Rethinking Plastics campaign began in 2006.  Through 200 presentations, we have spoken to 6400 people (from schoolchildren to retired persons) about plastics and the social/industrial forces driving this environmental catastrophe. We have testified at public hearings on behalf of zero waste and plastics reduction.

Green Mary and others are trained to give presentations and help us all look for healthy alternatives together.

Green Sangha

Green Sangha is dedicated to restoring our sense of oneness—healing our communities and the earth through mindful practice and awakened action.

Green Sangha brings spiritual practice and environmental activism together. Like all ecologists, we see human society as inextricably linked with life systems all over the planet. We seek to raise awareness among all people, whatever their religious or spiritual outlook, of the impact of individual lifestyle decisions on our collective well-being.

As a grassroots organization, Green Sangha creates opportunities for individuals to come together to meditate, to educate and support one another, and to perform direct environmental action.

Monthly meetings are held in San Francisco, Marin county, Sonoma County and the East Bay. Visit the website for details.