Green Mary has teamed with Chaz Peling and Sol-Solutions LLC to maximize sustainability around the San Francisco Bay Area by providing both greening and solar-power to festival organizers in a one-stop shopping coup. Together they will make 2014 innovation of the summer events more accessible. “It’s exciting because we are envisioning the festivals and fairs of the future, creating a reduction in our dependency on fossil fuels and brightening the far-flung locations without asking the public to step over any cords—especially not in the dark,” says Green-Mary.

Sol-Solutions will be present in the Green Mary booth to also enhance festival goers' experience by offering to recharge iPads and Smart Phones. Babysitting the equipment is offered in exchange for a listening and learning ear: Some eco-education will be dispensed to contribute to a larger pool of Green Citizens. Green Mary already organizes free water for those who bring their own re-usable bottles.

Sol-Solutions LLC CEO Chaz Peling wants to mollify the look of incredulity on the faces of various musicians and stage managers. “Got the new digital stage equipment?” he asks. Powering up the entertainment stage has moved toward lighter-weight equipment which runs more efficiently, while offering a surprisingly pleasing audio boost to the band.

“The new equipment draws less electricity and gets even better sound, actually, people like the new equipment a lot.” Peling paints a picture of the festival of 2014. “How about getting rid of all the electrical cord? Or let’s just not use that noisy generator? Wouldn’t that improve your audience’s experience?”

For the far-flung fields to be occupied by music lovers, a festival’s fossil-fuel driven lighting infrastructure is attached to noisy generators by giant lengths of cord which must be laid out in advance of a festival’s booths, stages and attractions. Safety concerns further complicate this process, requiring carpeting where the public might tread. The old-fashioned generators plug away noisily and must drive the amplification of music up to drown it out. The total adds up in costs for labor, fuel and safety. “With Sol-solutions, we just wheel a light and quiet solar-powered distributor to the stage and plug it in. The lights are bright, the band works without the noise, and overall it’s a happier, less congested, less expensive experience for the festival organizer and for the audience.”

Peling adds, “Employing our equipment in many cases also counts towards carbon offsets, and even qualifies for municipally-mandated energy or green directives.” By combining forces, Sol-Solutions and Green-Mary upgrade the festival organizing potential, offering both solar brilliance and verdant green to the Summer 2013 schedule.