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1   Link   Marine Debris - A Great Threat to Marine Life
Tons of plastic waste ends up in oceans, rivers and seas endangering fishes and other aquatic species. Often, it kills aquatic creatures by accidental ingestion and entanglement.
2   Link   Alternattives to Plastics, Mindfully.Org
How to get plastics out of your life!
3   Link   Fake Plastic Fish
...One very devoted woman's blog on her massive anti-plastics campaign, tallying what she's gotten rid of, pooling ideas for how to recycle more and better
4   Link   Get Plastics out of your diet
...More from Mindfully.Org- get plastic out of your diet! You are what you eat and drink!
5   Link   CA Coastal Commission - The Problem with Marine Debris
...During a recent summer, Orange County collected enough garbage from six miles of beach to fill ten garbage trucks full of trash every week, at a cost to taxpayers of $350,000. Other California counties spend even more.
6   Link   Green Sangha' Green Sangha's Rethinking Plastics Campaign
The weight of plastic produced annually in the United States is Plastic waste is accumulating not only in our landfills, but also in our streets, parks, and waterways.
7   Link   No Bottled Water !
...Bottled water is the ultimate privatization of our water. Bottled water IS NOT better for you, it's killing us, our oceans and ocean life. Put a filter on your tap at home!
8   Link   Campaign Against the Plastic Plague
As a result of the harmful impact of plastic on global ecosystems, economies, and public health, immediate action must be taken to eliminate single-use throwaway plastics. Change must be established in the consumer lifestyle in any way possible.
9   Link   The Berkeley Ecology Center
created in 1995 to study the plastic waste issues. Articles on the misconceptions around plastics and recycling, the adverse health affects and toxins in plastics
10   Link   PVC: The Poison Plastic
PVC (polyvinyl chloride) products are everywhere and are dangerous to our health and environment from start to finish - in the factory, at home, and in the trash - releasing poisonous chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects.
11   Link   Blue Vinyl
...Filmmakers Judith Helfand and Daniel B. Gold use humor and chutzpah in their search for the environmental truth about vinyl.
12   Link   PVC: Recycling Killer, Public Menace
A report issued by Grassroots Recycling Network provides evidence that PVC bottles and labels threaten the PET bottle recycling infrastructure and the continued development of bottle-to-bottle PET recycling
13   Link   Take Action, PVC: The Poison Action, Ten Easy Actions
...One way to be sure if the packaging of a product is made from PVC is to look for the number ā€œ3ā€ inside or the letter ā€œVā€
14   Link   PVC Products and PVC alternatives
...The good news is, there are safer alternatives for all PVC uses and communities and companies are successfully phasing out PVC use.
15   Link   Healthy Care Without Harm
...PVC, or vinyl, plastic ? the most widely used plastic in medical devices ? can be harmful to patients, the environment and public health
16   Link   PVC Information
Explore how vinyl directly impacts you, how governments and companies are moving to safer non-PVC alternatives, and how you can contact groups campaigning against PVC
17   Link   Taking Back our Stolen Future; Phthalates and hormone disruption
...Dozen + sites on plastics, Greenpeace report, April, 1996, how long have we known about the dangers?
18   Link   Study Finds Vinyl Flooring May Be Linked to Respiratory Problems
researchers found that children with bronchial obstruction were more likely to have PVC flooring and textile wall materials than those without obstruction
19   Link   Greenpeace Oceans
Solid materials, typically waste, that has found its way to the marine environment is called marine debris.
It is known to be the cause of injuries and deaths of numerous marine animals and birds, either because they become entangled in it or they mistake it for prey and eat it.
20   Link   Plastic Pollution Coalition
Take the Refuse Plastic Pledge
Disposable plastics are the greatest source of plastic pollution. Designed to be discarded, straws, plastic bottles, plastic utensils, lids, plastic bottles and so many others offer a small convenience but remain forever.
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